Gas tax will increase in 2019

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Though fuel prices are low as the new year approaches, a hike in gasoline taxes is looming for Nebraska drivers.

Lawmakers passed legislation in 2015 that raises the gas tax every year for four years, and 2019 will see a 1.6 cent addition to gas prices, bringing the total gas tax to about 30 cents.

The additional tax money will be used to fix roads and bridges in the state.

"I think it's horrendous, but I guess if they use it to fix our roads and take care of things like they should, then we'll be good," driver Pam Clotier said.

She's one of many unhappy road users.

"From our calculations, what it has done is caused Nebraska to have the highest gas tax among all of our adjacent states," Doug Kagan with Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom said.

His group opposed the bill when it was introduced in 2015.

Kagan said the higher gas tax will effect any consumer goods that are moved over the highways.

"We're not really talking about just the gas tax going up. Consumer cost in general will rise, and this will impact adversely more of the people on limited incomes," he said.

Revenue from the state gas tax is divide between the state, counties and cities.