Game aims to improve youth, police interactions

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Omaha Police and Strategies For Youth teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club in South Omaha for Juvenile Justice Jeopardy on Tuesday.

The game of questions helps teens navigate interactions with police and peers on the streets and in the schools. It’s also intended to help young people understand the implications of getting in trouble and what that means for their future.

“It's pretty fun,” student Emily Valdez said. “I had signed up to take Juvenile Justice for next year, so it’s some insight on what I’m going to be learning about.”

“Police officers can sometimes be intimidating,” student Daniella Martha-Palma said. “But getting to know them better and what they do is more comfortable.”

Strategies for Youth created the game, currently used in 18 states, with the purpose of sharing the real-world consequences decisions can have in the juvenile justice system.