Frigid air puts obstacles into the path of navigating Wednesday

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Machines had a rough go of things Wednesday and the people who depend on them followed suit.

With temperatures crashing below zero, this was not the time to find out your vehicle wasn’t up to the job.

Several layers of clothing are needed to navigate through the cold.

Mackenzie Gorman was taking her dog Chaco for a walk in the brutal weather. Mackenzie said, “Well, I’m just getting ready for work and I have to take him to the bathroom before I go to work. It’s really cold.

It is really cold. So cold an 8 inch water main broke near 60th and Read. Approximately 30 customers were affected.

The cold weather is also effecting truck drivers as they travel. Bryan Smith came from Des Moines. He said, “I think it was negative 16 this morning.”

At Sapp Brothers in Council Bluffs, truck drivers can fill up on special winter diesel to keep their fuel from jelling up.

Sapp Brothers’ Jesse Wanning said, “We offer a winter blended fuel and then number one diesel which is just a huge convenience for the drivers so they’re not jelling up with these cold extreme temperatures.”

At Jones Automotive, they’re taking care of the smaller vehicles. They’re very busy dealing with bad batteries and other problems.

Don Verlander said, “The larger things that happen at this time of year is things that have been neglected and didn’t really rear their heads until now and they’re occurring with a vengeance in these temperatures.”

Cars with trouble are keeping two truck drivers very busy. The drivers say cars that won’t start and accidents are keeping them hopping.

One thing that is moving is the Missouri River – moving slowly. It’s clogged with chunks of ice heading south.

Missouri River