Fremont families brace for more flooding, fearing a repeat of last year

FREMONT, Neb. (WOWT) -- It's a tough time for people who have just got back to normal after last year's flood. Around Big Island Road is where people living along the Platte River are starting to come home and see if what they learned from last year's flood helped this time.

"Just trying to decide if and when my family is gonna grab our suitcases and go into town. So I'm just always watching,” said Molly, a victim of last year’s flood as well.

Always watching the river is the new reality for people living on Big Island Road.

"Just full of ice, solid ice. You see a channel now but it was just white. And pretty soon we were just backed up and backed up all the way to the house,” said Molly.

The harsh reality sets in, things can change at a moment’s notice. Molly’s 4-year-old daughter already knows what to do when the water comes. “Go,” she says.

Molly’s home is already built up, but water made it inside of their attached garage last year for the first time so they made adjustments.

"From this last flood, we've taken out the carpet and yeah just kind of moved things up. We try to store a lot of things up high, just keep things off the ground,” said Molly.

Water made it inside again the garage Saturday. Down the river and down the road you can't see the water, only ice.

We know it's flowing because water is creeping up Ida Pollock’s yard.

"Been here 21 years,” said Pollock.

Her car is packed to get her dogs and cat evacuated at a moment's notice. Two decades living alongside the river have taught her a thing or two.

We asked what she does to make sure what doesn't come in.

“You don't. That water is coming in,” replied Pollock.

For her and neighbors here, the scaring from last year and uncertainty of this spring is what keeps them up at night.

Laura Griffis also lives along the Platte River, she said, "Fear of the unknown. That's Mother Nature. She's gonna do what she wants."

There was some hope that the ice jam would break up because of the warmer temperatures today and maybe let some of the water flow out of here -- but our meteorologist says things won't be warm enough until maybe next weekend.