Former flight attendant remembers 9/11

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - As the nation remembers 9/11 and the lives lost that day, one man remembers the captain of United Airlines flight 93, Jason Dahl.

Scott Guy met Captain Jason Dahl through Dahl's wife while they were flight attendants at TWA.

"I was honored that I had a chance to meet him," Guy said.

Captain Dahl was piloting United flight 93 when it was hijacked. The passengers and remaining crew fought back and grounded the plane before it reached our nation's capital.

"Just knowing that one of the captains on one of those airplanes," guy said getting emotional. "Didn't make it -- it's kind of rough to think about it really."

He remembers going back to work for the first time a few weeks after the attack.

"I wish I could say it was one of those happy meetings because you're happy you see your colleagues there and they weren't affected," Guy said. "But we really all were. There is no not being affected by it."

Guy continued his flight attendant career for a year and a half after the attacks but says things were quite a bit more serious and their training changed.

"A lot of it was self-defense," Guy described. "Protecting the cockpit. You know just keeping your eyes open."

To this day as a civilian flyer, Guy trusts that training to keep himself and others safe.

Although he's done grieving Captain Dahl and others, remembering 9/11 brings tears to his eyes.

"You may not know those people personally but each one of them was an American and I'm an American," Guy said. "And I lost 3,000 brothers and sisters that day."

Throughout the day kids walked throughout the flag display at memorial park and Guy says it's important we keep sharing what happened on 9/11 with them so it's not a story lost in history.