Former Sen. Bob Kerrey campaigns for Joe Biden in Council Bluffs

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- Former Nebraska Senator and Governor Bob Kerrey was back on the campaign trail Saturday but this time it was Joe Biden’s trail rather than his own.

Former Senator and Governor Bob Kerrey campaigns for Joe Biden

Council Bluffs in an election cycle is familiar ground for Kerrey who once ran a presidential campaign of his own.

On Saturday he was greeted by Biden Works for Iowa signs at West Broadway and Scott Street where Kerrey was working for Biden.

Kerrey said he is backing the former Vice President because he has worked alongside him in Washington. He said that Biden is the best candidate for the job because he has been in this type of role before.

In an election where progressives have claimed a bigger share of the Democratic limelight, Kerrey said he disagrees with the idea that Biden might be too moderate.

“I've heard people attack moderates like me and say 'well, you're not really a democrat.' Well, I strongly disagree. I think what is much more likely to win 270 votes, electoral votes, is moderation."

Kerrey said if Biden does not win the Democratic nomination he will back the party’s choice.

Many in the group Kerrey was addressing will be canvassing and making phone calls urging people to side with Biden in the upcoming Iowa Caucuses, something Kerrey said is key to democracy.

"One of the great things about the Iowa caucus, New Hampshire is close to being the same thing even though it's a primary, you gotta talk to people. They gotta see you up close and personal. I mean, it's fun that way. It really is democracy at its best."

We have less than three months until the Iowa caucuses.

The latest Iowa polling shows the gap between the top four Democratic candidates is just five percentage points.