Former Secretaries of Agriculture urge Congress to pass USMCA

Secretaries of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, Dan Glickman, Tom Vilsack and John Block voice support...
Secretaries of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, Dan Glickman, Tom Vilsack and John Block voice support for the USMCA (Source: Gray DC).(GRAYDC)
Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 3:19 PM CDT
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Speaker Pelosi got another push to move forward on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement on Thursday afternoon.

Three former Secretaries of Agriculture joined forces with Secretary Sonny Perdue to show their support for the trade agreement. The secretaries spoke specifically about the USMCA’s importance for farmers at the Department of Agriculture headquarters.

All eight living former Secretaries of Agriculture from both sides of the aisle recently signed a letter to urge Congress to pass the USMCA as soon as possible.

Speaker Pelosi said in an interview this week that the Democrats are on the path to approving the trade deal.

With this year’s wet spring and late planting in the midwest to consider, Secretary Tom Vilsack, former governor of Iowa, said the USMCA could provide future relief.

“I don’t think necessarily it will have an impact on trying to overcome Mother Nature," Vilsack said. "But it is I think going to have a psychological impact in terms of making sure people know there is a path forward, that in fact trade agreements can be negotiated and be ratified.”

As the trade war with China rages on, Secretary Dan Glickman said the USMCA is crucial to more than just agriculture.

“From a geo-political sense, Canada and Mexico are extremely important partners to the United States in a really volatile world that we live in," Glickman said. "So not only is this the right thing to do for farmers, and the right thing to do for workers, and American food industry, but it’s the right thing to do for America in terms of having a strong role in the world as well.”

Both the U-S and Canada have yet to approve the deal. Mexico was the first to pass the agreement this past June.

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