Flood victims brace for a third round of water

OMAHA Neb. (WOWT) People living in Northwest Pottawattamie County are bracing for a third round of flooding.

“2011 was a bad one but this one is just devastating,” said Gene Walter.

He lives east of I-29 near the Honey Creek exit.
“Today I’ve been out just kind of looking at how much water’s come in. We’re looking a probably a little better than six inches coming in over the night.”

The intersection at 145 Street and Rosewood Road is telling of just how vulnerable the low spot is. It’s just west of I-29 at the Honey Creek exit. And in less than 24 hours the water went from brushing up against the roads to starting to overtake them.

Angelika Harrod and her husband, Frank Woosley, live nearby.

“I could not believe the road close signs were back up again. We were so happy when they finally took them down."

Like others living in the area they have been hit by floodwaters twice already this year.

“We were stuck here for a little over a month before we could get out,” said Harrod.

That was back in May, when these roads were covered in water.

“I’m on medicine and someone actually had to deliver my medicine by boat,” said Harrod.

She hoping the water doesn’t stick around as long this time. In the meantime she says they’re preparing.

“If we have enough food and keep the sub pumps going we’ll be okay,” said Harrod.