Five arrested in connection with Mills County burglaries

MILLS COUNTY, Iowa -- Five people have been arrested and more than $10,000 in stolen property has been recovered in connection with a burglary investigation by the Mills County Sheriff's Office.

On Tuesday, June 25, deputies investigated a recent burglary in Pacific Junction. Authorities identified several suspects and they believed had been involved in several Pacific Junction burglaries.

On Wednesday authorities executed search warrants at two locations in and near Glenwood.

Deputies arrested five people, recovered more than $10,000 in stolen property, seized approximately 724.6 grams of marijuana and firearms.

The suspects are identified as 39-year-old Daniel Lee Walling II of Glenwood; 32-year-old Danielle Jean Frazier of Glenwood; 23-year-old Gregory Jacob Jamison of Pacific Junction; 32-year-old Shaw Aaron Peterson of Glenwood and 36-year­old Misty Bea Petterson of Glenwood.

They are charged with 15 felony counts and several other charges.

Looting in flood-ravaged southwest Iowa has been a problem since the water chased people from their homes and community members have been working together to fight back.

Some have left signs on abandoned property warning trespassers away.

When it comes to looting, Linda Harmon said, “There’s no reason for it.”

Sign by sign, the community has served warnings as dozens of homeowners stand their ground. Some are staying in campers on their property just to protect what's left.

Diana Irick said, “It's unbelievable that they would want to steal things from people that have nothing left. At least some of them got caught, I don't know how many is around.”

Rick Borham
Rick Borham said, “We've been trying to catch them red handed, watch them as they come into town.”

He said he and some neighbors have taken matters into their own hands - that this is personal.

“They ended up in garages, houses, taken copper out of houses, whatever they decide they wanna do.”

He said they've been keeping watch at night and when they saw the 5 suspects- called 911. But Borham said there are others still out there.

“I want them to stop and if they don't stop they're gonna end up where the other 5 are - in jail.”

Neighbors say they'll continue to keep watch until the crime goes down.

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