Festivities usher-in march to future with chemo in the past

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 11:34 AM CDT
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Donald Fucik has reason to celebrate and he tapped the colors of the rainbow to festoon the venue of his reverie Wednesday.

A Hawaiian motif brought a color-popped glow to the halls at Methodist Hospital as Donald marked his last day of chemotherapy.

He wore pajamas to his first treatment and vowed to take a more celebratory posture moving forward. That meant virgin Mai Tais at the halfway mark and full-tilt Hawaiian committal for the finale – including the sartorial statement of an IV pole dressed in leis and a grass skirt.

Donald said the biggest thing that has helped him through his six treatments was his attitude.

"Be positive about it the entire treatment, the entire journey through this,” he said. “If you can stay positive about it, it's going to help your mind, mentally, it’s going to help your family and it's just going to help you get better yourself."

Donald and his family wanted to thank all the staff members at Methodist who helped him through by bringing snacks and treats. And hugs!