Federal tax refund delay worries Omaha taxpayer

Published: May. 13, 2020 at 8:56 AM CDT
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It’s not just the COVID-19 stimulus checks that many people are counting on to get by. One Omaha retiree depended on his federal income tax refund and for weeks he couldn’t find out what happened to it.

Buying materials to repair his front porch Jim Larsen worried his federal income tax refund had fallen through the cracks.

Taxpayer James Larsen said, ”I understand there is Covid going on and everything closed down but my brother mailed his and already got his refund.”

Larsen filed electronically March 23rd and checked the IRS hotline,

the recording said, ”Your refund should be issued within 21 days of the receipt.”

That time more than doubled for Larsen and his tax accountant Rich Caruso couldn’t find out what was holding up the federal refund.

Caruso said, “I've never come across this long on a simple basic tax return. So it’s just strange.”

Larsen’s federal refund is $3,000.

Six on Your Side sent Larsen's information to the IRS which can’t comment on specific cases but replied, “there is no systematic issues affecting the delivery of refunds.”

Not long after our email, the $3,000 tax refund was deposited in Larsen's account.

Larsen said, ”I called my CPA and thanked him and I'm thanking you again.”

Larsen's federal tax refund was received 50 days after e-filing more than a month longer than he built into his budget.

Four other taxpayers contacted Six on Your Side to say they are still waiting on federal tax refunds filed electronically in late March.

The IRS states reasons for later than expected refunds range from questions about deductions to reviewing a return for fraud. Through last month the federal government received 97-million tax returns and issued $213- billion in refunds.