Taco Johns employees grateful for franchise owner's generosity

April is a single mother of 4, her world was shattered when her car was hit by an uninsured...
April is a single mother of 4, her world was shattered when her car was hit by an uninsured driver on Friday, Jan. 9, 2020. Not even 24 hours later, her boss bought her a new car, telling her, “Here. Everything is going to be good, April." (Leigh Waldman / WOWT) (WOWT)
Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 5:40 PM CST
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Movies are made about horrible bosses, and maybe you've had one is your own work life. But for April Mungia, a 10-year Taco John employee, she's had a different experience.

"I'm a single mom with four," Mungia explained. "And like, for the past couple of months, it's been kind of hard."

Mungia is behind on her rent and was about to have her electricity shut off. Friday, she was driving with her 5-year-old son to handle it all when tragedy struck.

"I slow down, and my car just starts spinning," Mungia said. "I did, like, probably two spins, and I end up on the sidewalk. And as soon as I look on my right, I see a car."

She was hit by an uninsured driver.

"I don't have a way to move around. How am I going to take my kids to school? How am I going to get to work?" she wondered aloud.

The next day Mungia was picked up for work by her manager.

It was business as usual, besides thinking of ways to fix her car. That's when her prayers were answered.

"She was like well Jeff got you a car," Mungia said. "And it was just, like, I just break down. I was just crying because I never thought, like, somebody would do that for me."

No questions asked, or expectations to be repaid. The Taco John's franchise owner, Jeff Bremer, bought her a 2010 Ford Escape.

"God sent me an angel, and that was Jeff," Mungia said with tears in her eyes.

In talking with her manager, Dominixe Mulvey, 6 News learner Bremer's good deeds don't stop there.

"He's done it numerous times. It's something he does, it's just in his nature," Mulvey said.

In fact, Shane Buick, another employee at the same location, was gifted $500.

"It made a world of difference," Buick said. "Like I said, I didn't have a car. I was out of a vehicle. I had to get back and forth to work, obviously. Like I said, he was an angel to me to come through on that situation."

Bremer's charitable nature doesn't stop with employees, over the years he's donated thousands of dollars to the

Nearly $8,000 was donated in 2018.

Each act of kindness done quietly, with nothing ever expected in return.

Mungia did have one thing to say to her angel, Jeff.

"Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón, gracias," she said with joyful tears running down her face.

If you're wondering why Jeff Bremer isn't in this story, we asked if he wanted to speak with us. He politely declined. The silent hero wanted to remain just that.