Farm Bureau pushes for reliable internet in rural communities

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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT)-- The Nebraska Farm Bureau is focused on improving the high-speed internet access for rural Nebraskans as part of a relationship with the Nebraska Rural Broadband Task Force.

According to a release, the task force was created in 2018 to review issues associated with the availability and adoption of broadband services for rural Nebraskans.

“Approximately one out of every ten Nebraskans report significant limitations with their internet service, while just over half of rural Nebraskans have internet service with download and upload speeds that meet the federal “broadband” definition,” said Steve Nelson, Nebraska Farm Bureau president. “It’s critical to the future of Nebraska that we make strides in improving broadband deployment statewide. We can’t afford to fall behind.”

The Bureau offered recommendations to the task force such as requiring internet service providers to meet the basic federal definition of broadband, recognize that fiber deployment might not be the most efficient and affordable option, and an emphasis on the need for more accurate data.

According to the release, improving internet access is vital to our communities, farmers, businesses, and economic growth. The need for high-speed internet has become a necessity and it’s important that the next generation of farmers and ranchers don’t have to do without.