Family of Omaha man killed in protest seeks peace

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 8:00 PM CDT
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The family of an Omaha man who was shot and killed Saturday night in the Old Market held a gathering Sunday at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation to say they want justice and peace.

James Scurlock, 21, was found on Harney Street after suffering a gunshot wound, according to Omaha Police. He died after being taken to the Nebraska Medical Center.

The identity of the man who allegedly killed Scurlock has not been released by authorities, but he has been in police custody since the shooting.

On Sunday, a member of the family said they wanted the suspect to receive a full prosecution -- and the family seeks closure.

"We will not agitate and we will not demonstrate. We want this to go with justice and peacefully," a family member said.

A man representing the family on this matter thanked those protesting peacefully Sunday against injustice.

"We in no way condone rioting or looting. (The family) want peace in Omaha. The family wants their souls to be at peace in this community. That can only happen if justice is served in this matter," he said.

Those present gathered for prayer.