Family members upset at state of graves in Bellevue City Cemetery

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) - Priscilla Fiala's uncle, James Rains, died in March. Tuesday was the first time Rains' mother visited his grave and it was in a state of disarray. Large holes had sunk around the edge of the grave.

Bellevue responds to complaints of sunken graves

"You would think if we had city workers that are working out here full time than when they're mowing and taking care of the maintenance they would notice these things that are happening," Fiala said.

Fiala said it was tough to see her uncle's final resting place like that but even harder for her grandmother who had to bury a son.

"It was disappointing for my grandma to see the dirt had settled in and it just looked horrendous," Fiala said.

Through a Facebook post, Fiala learned they weren't the only ones having this problem at the city cemetery.

"There were other people who had came out and said these issues were happening and they felt like Bellevue was not doing anything to address the situation," Fiala said.

Hours after the post was made, Bellevue Mayor, Rusty Hike, commented back letting Fiala and others know the problem was being fixed immediately.

Hike said the problem was caused by the year's excessive amount of rain and it hadn't been fixed yet because the fill dirt was too wet.

"He went on his word when he said he would get this fixed and it's fixed so it's a happy moment," Fiala said.

Other settled graves 6 News found had also been filled.

Fiala understands her uncle's grave will change over time but she was expecting more from the city.

"You would expect grass and not dirt and it kind of flip-flopped. It's just nice to see that it's done," Fiala said.