Falling limbs leave big bill and no one to pay

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A falling limb during a recent storm exposed a dangerous situation in a downtown parking lot.

State Farm / CC BY 2.0

Construction workers didn't expect destruction when parking under trees in a lot a contractor leased during a nearby project.

"I'm not saying it's anybody's fault, but I lost a car out of it," said Brandon Griebs.

Griebs' car is heavily damaged, while his coworker has dents to repair.

"Somebody obviously owns the land and there should be some sort of insurance you think would cover something like this," said Miles Bewley, the owner of the other damaged car.

Broadmoor is responsible for the lot and was unaware of the damage until contacted by Six On Your Side. A manager promised to investigate.

"I would have taken this down years ago. Right here you're just asking for issues, whether its wind or natural causes losing limbs," said Alex Stepanek of Champion Trees, LLC.

The three volunteer ailanthus trees are made of heavy wood.

The trees have already proven to be a danger to that lot where the construction workers are parking, but the arborist said they can also threaten cars parked in the lot next door.

"Our car, the roof is caved in, the windows are busted out. It still drives but its not drivable on the road," said Dana Grieb, Brandon's wife.

With just liability insurance, the Griebs face a major repair bill and want coverage by the tree owner.

A spokesperson for Broadmoor said the company is bringing in its own arborist and will come up with a resolution that is fair. The lot next door is on land owned by Creighton, which will trim branches that hang over its property.