Fake Uber Security scams driver out of entire nights fares

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- A scam alert tonight for Uber drivers in our area. Scammers may try to take you for a ride. A warning from one driver who lost a night’s worth of fares.

Dawn Howell gets high marks for courtesy and professionalism.

”They have an app and they know it’s me when they come up,” said Howell.

And a two a.m. caller claiming to be with Uber security knew a lot about her.

The phony Uber security call said, “On file, we also see that you have 5,580 trips, correct?”

Dawn recorded the call she thought came from Uber security.

Phony security call said, “Once you get the link it’s self-explanatory once you go on it ok?”

Dawn said, “They said I was locked out and I needed to go into an Uber verification.”

And the scammer emailed the online form.
Everything looked official so, Dawn entered her information.

“They were able to get into my Uber account and take all my money, all of it within seconds,” said Dawn.

$112 she earned providing a half dozen rides that overnight.

Dawn said, “Makes me mad because that was my money, the hard-earned money that I’ve been driving all night.”

Dawn’s call to Uber driver support confirmed her fears.

Uber driver support said, “Those calls are scam calls, not Uber.”

Her money gone, Dawn reported the scam to Uber and the authorities then made a call to the scammer's number.

Dawn Howell says she is not sure how the scammers got so much of her Uber information. She’s also closing her personal bank accounts just in case. Our numerous emails to Uber Corporate have not been answered.