Failed carjacking ends with arrest and a list of charges

Timothy Bailey, 31, is jailed in Sarpy County facing a list of charges linked to an alleged attempted carjacking at a metro Kwik Shop.

Authorties say the victims had pulled into the Kwik Shop near 41st and Harrison. Two people went into the store while a woman waited in the front passenger seat of the car.

According to investigators Bailey approached the vehicle and forcibly pulled the woman out. He said he had a knife, then pulled a chain from his pocket and hit her with it on the forearm.

Police say Bailey then got into the driver's seat as the two men who had gone into the store noticed the commotion. They ran out, confronted Bailey and managed to get him out of the vehicle after a brief struggle.

Bailey walked away but then he returned to the scene where he was arrested.

He's facing charges of Robbery, 2nd Degree Assault, Use of Weapon to Commit Felony, and Terroristic Threats.