FEMA joins job fair in search of flood victims to help other flood victims

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RALSTON, Neb. (WOWT) -- Sometimes the helpers need a helping hand. A first-time employer showed up Thursday at a local job fair with an eye toward helping those affected most by flooding.

The job fair inside the Ralston Arena featured a new player in the form of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Herb Doering said, "We're looking for a number of site inspectors, people who can go out and review the damage."

The flooding crisis of 2019 is two-months old and Doering said, "Words can't begin to describe it. You look at some of the places and it's horrific."

And FEMA is looking to hire flood victims to work through the recovery. Up to 100 and perhaps 150 people at a range of $16 to $40 an hour.

Doering said the goal is, "to return some hope and opportunities back to the folks who live in the community and the entire case for that matter."

Sam Solis stopped by to pick up an application and said, “These people have to try to put their lives back together."

Our flooding crisis reminds her of what Solis of what her grandparents went through during a hurricane years ago. “I just want to come in there and do my part."

One after another came by the FEMA desk with personal stories of Nebraska and Iowa damage and the long road to recovery.

Corrina Banks said, "They all got flooded out and had to leave their stuff behind. It's pretty sad."

The devastation and disbelief with FEMA doubling-down to invest in those who have suffered the most.