This Made Us Smile: Even winter has a sense of humor

When it’s not making us miserable, the winter weather slips in an occasional moment that can put a smile on your face.

There’s nothing that stands out quite like a cherry-red cardinal against the gray and white backdrop of February so when a pratfall’s afoot, there’s no escaping it - somebody's going to see you!

Sorry bird. Karen Kader caught ya! Your fancy wing-work and the skills that let you land on a side-view mirror won’t help when you try to stand someplace that the ice staked a claim to first.

Then there’s John O’Connor’s lunch guest. That’s him out on the deck. And if you’re a fan of history or $1 bills, you’ll probably recognize the guy.

Mayor's Hotline
John seems to think it’s an ice likeness of a nice likeness of George Washington.

We have to agree.

And on municipal matters, check out the picture of the bus bench directing our winter-weary attention to the Mayor’s Hotline – the number to call to get things done when things need getting done.

The mayor, it would appear, is up to her neck in snowfall matters. As are we all.