Email scam targets church

Published: Jul. 3, 2018 at 11:29 PM CDT
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A new sinister email scam has set its sights on a local church.

""Buy an Apple iTunes card for somebody that can't for somebody in the hospital dying of cancer." Thomas Bauwens is a pastor at the church.

He says if you respond back to the email they asking for a specific amount of money.

Pastor Tom says he believes thousands of dollars were dished out by his church members.

"I know that there are two people that bought cards for $400, one for $300. I know there are a couple 200 and at least one $100 card."

Once you give them the number on the back of your iTunes gift card you never hear back from the scammers.

"several of my parishioners because they are very generous people, thought it was really me asking for the money from them."

Ashley Glasshoff-Gaskill works in finance at the church and was able to sniff out the email as a scam.

"I knew Pastor Tom wouldn't ask for money like that or send an email like that without talking to me personally."

Pastor Tom urges his parish, and everyone else, to be cautious when they receive emails asking for money.