Elmwood Park trail users said snow was stopping them in their tracks

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- People in the Elmwood Park community are upset. They say they’re endangered because the city isn't keeping up with plowing and treating the trails.

They say they have to avoid some areas entirely to get around.

We spoke with some runners who understand that the trails aren't top priority but they're hoping the city can get to them sooner after a snowfall.

There’s a clear difference from where the UNO campus starts and where it ends.

Liz Davis said she runs five times a week but lately every time she heads out to Elmwood Park’s trail she's forced to take alternate routes or jog in the street near cars.

“This is the worst I've ever seen it,” she said.

Davis pointed out an area where she said there was a path but you can't see where the trail starts or where it ends. We saw one person using cross country skis to get through.

Davis said, “The only path is from all the runners and walkers and people that have tried to ride their bicycle through to try to create a path.”

Davis is training for the Boston Marathon in April and with the trails the way they are, she fears she could fall at any time.

“It's overly frustrating,” she said. “I know that I'm just going to have to slow down. I prefer to run outside. I should be able to run outside.”

But she's not the only who thinks the area needs attention.

Kevin Ruff takes his two dogs out every morning and he said. “Sometimes you'll brace yourself and sometimes your head will get hit on the concrete so it should be avoidable.”

Ruff says this has been happening for years. He said he calls the city and they come out but they only get the top layer of snow.

Ruff said he’s had enough. “I typically run across that fence line right there. The idea is to stay warm, stay dry and if you go through this, your shoes would be wet.”

6 News contacted the city. They told us that as a result of that call they'll be sending out crews to the trails.

As for regularly treating of them, we're still waiting to hear back.