Eight-year-old steps up to help the homeless

Published: Nov. 5, 2017 at 3:49 PM CST
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Sunday is usually a day off for the stylists in Papillion, but thanks to one boy's noble goal they are working overtime.

"It really feels good because you're helping people who can't afford stuff," Franco Jankowski said. "You just want to help them have a better life."

Eight-year-old Franco is seeing his dream come to life. A dream of helping others no matter what. It all started with a conversation with his mom.

"You don't realize how much of a need this is until it's not there," Ashley Jankowski said. "I know how good I feel when I get my hair done or I get something that I need."

They worked together to get donations and ultimately work with other groups.

It took teamwork for the whole event to come together. Franco's mom told 6 News when she contacted The Hair Place in Papillion and asked if they could hold the event there, it was an instant yes.

"We are so very thankful," Patty Cunningham said.

Cunningham brought dozens of women from the Siena/Francis House. They were able to get fresh cuts thanks to a little generosity.

"Excited, happy, grateful," Donna Andersen said.

For someone so you to be behind this whole thing, it came with plenty of anxiety.

"At the start of it, I was really nervous," Franco said. "Then when I saw them, I felt really good about it."