Easter in Omaha

Published: Apr. 2, 2018 at 10:49 AM CDT
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While many people celebrate Easter Sunday with their families, for some of those people it is also a time for worship.

"We've got a couple of Life Church trailers. They show up every weekend right in front of the school and what we're doing at six o'clock in the morning is we're unloading all those trailers to create this environment you see here today." explains Life Church Pastor Sam Russo.

Over at Salem Baptist near 31st and Lake they also have an Easter celebration.

"Visually it engages the congregation. It allows them to see visually the miracles that Jesus worked and the importance of his triumphant entry and again the power of his resurrection. We are able to symbolize that he rose from the dead and we have an actor that acts that out and it shows the power of it and reality of it." says Pastor Selwyn Bachus.

No matter your denomination, "King of Kings" is making sure people of all walks of life had a place to celebrate. Here a citywide service of worship, but also one of coming together in a time when so many people feel divided.

"That's really one thing we were really intentional about this year. We said, something is happening in our city you know? We know all the negativity and the ugly in our world and our city. We wanted as a church for those people that are 'no Jesus' and those people that might say 'I don't really know much about Jesus I don't really care for'. We said let's celebrate those good, positive things and we're excited to do that with anyone and everyone and celebrate the resurrection today."

All this, awakening feelings of peace, love and gratitude on this Easter morning in Omaha.