Drivers dodging multiple road construction projects

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OMAHA, Neb (WOWT) If you think there's more road construction going on in the metro area, you're right.

Numerous projects across the city are causing congested traffic and slowdowns for commuters.

But these projects will probably save more time and money in the future.

It's a constant encounter for Omaha drivers everywhere this summer…road construction.

“Traffic is pretty hectic especially with a construction area,” Adolf Lozano said. “you have to leave like five to ten minutes early and sometimes you get stuck.”

“It's definitely time-consuming and it really impedes traffic most of the time, so it’s really hard to get here and there,” Daniel Borboya said.

So why is there so much road construction this year?

A spokesman with the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) said, discounting interstates and roads damaged by flooding, NDOT is doing more 'in city' road miles than in previous years.

Rebuilding West Maple Road alone is an 8-mile stretch.

The Blair High Road as it turns into Military Avenue and the Northwest Radial Highway is another long stretch knifing through the city.

Those are state highway projects as is north 90th Street, which is also Highway 133.

The spokesman also said NDOT has available funding that needs to be used before the end of the year.

Then there are cooperative projects.

Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) is moving a water line at 62nd and Dodge.

That's due to the coming of the Metro Transit's rapid bus system, ORBT.

MUD has to finish its work before the bus project begins.

There are also city projects for sewer separation like at 72nd and Maple.

The intersection was improved and now gas, electric, water, cable and fiber networks are all going in simultaneously.

This coordinated effort saves money and time since the work is done all at once.

So, for now, drivers like Daniel Borboya need to plan ahead.

“I am avoiding a lot of places because of congestion and time, you've just got to find the right path,” he said.

Some good news for those taking Dodge Street.

We're told MUD should be done with their work at 62nd and Dodge by Monday and will then turn the project over to the city for repaving the road.