Douglas County Jail and its medical provider under fire

Published: May. 21, 2018 at 10:44 PM CDT
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An inmate died just days after being released from the Douglas County Jail. His family has said the county and the medical team ignored his pleas for care. As many as 13 other inmates have made similar complaints.

“He'd been telling them he was sick for two months and they did nothing about it,” said Aaron Papst.

When Aaron Papst found his cousin, Roger Cook, in front of his home in April of 2017 gasping for air and talking in a whisper, he couldn't believe staff at the Douglas County Jail called him a cab instead of an ambulance on his release.

Roger Cook was dead 10-days later with stage 4 lung cancer. He was 55.

His family says the cancer had been undiagnosed until he got to the hospital.

"It all started breaking after you broke the Cook story,” said White told 6 News. Roger Cook's family took their case to Attorney Tom White and his team.

"They want their brother's horrible death to mean something. That it will stand up and prevent other human beings from being treated in such a manner,” White said.

His team has filed 13 inmate lawsuits and claims alleging Douglas County and the jail's medical provider – Correct Care Solutions – were negligent in the denial of health care.

A spokesman for Correct Care Solutions, which receives $5.5 million a year from Douglas County, has told 6 News, "It’s not our policy or approach to sacrifice the quality of our care based on pricing."

Later this week we'll hear our first motions in one of the cases. Attorneys for the Plaintiffs tell 6 News it's likely all the cases will be eventually bundled into one case before one judge. The county jail has repeatedly said "high quality health care is a top priority."

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