Douglas County Commissioners discuss CARES Act possibilities

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- How will the county spread around the 166-million dollars in CARES Act money it received?

The Douglas County Commissioners spoke for the first time today about the possibilities. The county plans to hire the same accounting firm as the state to help handle the funds by June 2.

The board chairman is urging the board not to write any checks anytime soon.

Commissioner Clare Duda said, "Whether it's small business or non-profits -- whomever we choose -- we need to first set up the process so all similar small businesses or non-profits have equal access and opportunity to the funds that are available."

The 166-million dollars is earmarked to go towards unanticipated COVID expenses.

The city of Omaha’s finance director explained how the coronavirus impacted its budget. Others talked about the impact the virus has had on housing and paying rent. A number of speakers told the board the millions should go towards the little guy, the folks who have suffered the most during this crisis.