Doorbell helps man put out car fire

Published: Feb. 28, 2019 at 9:17 PM CST
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Shortly after five am Sunday morning, William and Carol Waters were woken by their Ring Doorbell app.

The video capability notified them that there was some sort of motion in the backyard.

"We thought what's going on out there? I pulled out the app and told my wife to look outside something is going on." Said Waters.

The app showed a video of the neighbor's car, parked just yards away from the home, up in flames. In just seconds it was engulfed.

Waters called 911. In minutes the fire department was on scene and put out the flames. A few days later, all that is left are charred tree branches, black snow, and marks where the tires melted down to the pavement.

"We were concerned, yes, about our home and so forth. Our neighbors luckily were not out there so luckily it was minimal damage." Said Waters.

Waters said he bought the device to fend off porch pirates, but after the fire, the purchase paid itself off in one morning.