Don't overlook the adult cats when you are feline shopping

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- If you’re in the market for a feline friend, now’s the time to shop.

Nebraska Humane Society picks up a lot of new guests over the summer and sometimes the adult cats can be overlooked.

Their current poster children of overlooked cats are Ranch and Shuma. They’ve been in the NHS house for 75 days. Unlike dogs, cats can't really be walked and with space restrictions they don't have a big room to stretch in so they are kind of stuck in a small place.

They have good attitudes but they'd rather have some room to perch and pounce and move.

That said, Ranch and Shuma are some of the most playful cats of the current lot so they will want a family interested in activity and not expect too much cuddling.

They are old pals, so you know they get along. That’s a plus if you like to make sure your cat has another cat for companionship when you're not there.

Ranch is the marathon player and will look for action hunting bugs and chasing dangle toys but he's shy at first. Shuma is confident but a little more gentle and may become a couch buddy once she settles in.

Not everyone can take two cats at once, especially if you've already got a feline or two at home, but if you're thinking about a nicely rounded-out cat family - some cuddling and some playing - this duo might be just what you need. And all adult cats are currently free adoptions.