Don't look past the older cats in your pet shopping

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OMAHA, Neb. -- The “cute factor” can play a big part in your pet considerations but when it comes to cat adoptions, there’s more to consider.

The Nebraska Humane Society’s Pam Wiese says if you're looking for a pet, fuzzy babies are hard to resist. But remember, when all is said and done, they wind up becoming adults. Adult animals can be every bit a sweet, cute and companionable as the little guys.

NHS has so many kittens that adult cats at shelters might as well be invisible because the babies take center stage. But don't let the “awwww factor” rule. There are distinct advantages to adopting a mature cat.

Adult cats are often a better option for families with children. They are past the kitten stage of “all-out-play" and have learned how to sheathe their claws and check their play biting.

They are often not as destructive as kittens or as fragile and are less likely to be injured by exuberant children.

You can also better tell the personality of adult cats, although cats in shelters haven't made themselves at home like they will in your house. Still, if you're looking for the intrepid explorer, the cuddler or the party cat, NHS has personalities across the board.

Adult cats have also reached full size so from dog substitute to tiny petite, you'll know what you're getting. And adopting an adult cat means you're giving a previously owned pet a second chance which should make you feel good about saving a life.