Donating more than food

Published: Sep. 12, 2017 at 3:17 PM CDT
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When you think about donating your old clothes or supplies, you may not think of homeless shelters right away, but they're places that need more than just food.

Chris Eynon is the Treatment Coordinator at the Siena Francis House.

Right now, he works for the same program he went through as an addict around 10 years ago.

“I really see the people that desperately need help,” said Eynon. “In my past, I wasn't very helpful to a lot of people. So this is my opportunity to give back.”

As a part of the work treatment program, Chris helps people get back on their feet.

“I'm a golfer, and I always say if you look good you play good, and there is something about that,” he said.

One of his jobs is helping spruce up appearance.

“A lot of people coming to a shelter don't have a nice suit or a way to present themselves,” he added.

Yes, food and basic necessities are a must, but shelters also need higher end items like suits for job interviews or coats, even items a little more construction related like steel toe boots and gloves.

Donations as simple as a polo work, too, because not everyone goes into a suits kind of work.

“Whatever we can do to help them with that, to empower them, to think that they can get out of that and become something different,” said Eynon.

As a recovering addict himself, Chris knows the importance of turning a person's life around.

“We're teaching them to be responsible, to be accountable, and we're also teaching them a skillset that they can hopefully use when they go back into society.”

The Siena Francis House takes all kinds of donations. If you have questions on what they need, contact them.