Dog daycare business impacted by coronavirus pandemic

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 8:21 PM CDT
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The impact of COVID-19 on one industry has hurt another. An Omaha business has been forced to close one location and it’s the second time the owner has battled issues out of his control.

Though specializing in dog care, the Paw Spa location at 168th and Blondo may seem snake bit.

Kevin Irish, the Paw Spa owner said, “For the month of June we’re going to decide whether to reopen or not, we put a for lease sign out front.”

Two years ago street reconstruction slowed business for owner Kevin Irish and just as recovery surged the pandemic hit the travel industry.

Kevin Irish said, “People aren’t traveling so they’re not leaving their dogs.”

The 168th location went from 100 dogs a day to 15 so Irish closed it.

“It’s hard to keep two open when you have the virus and so many people that aren’t traveling but we can keep one place busy, really busy,” said Irish.

The 168th and Harrison Paw Spa boarding and grooming appear to be booming

By consolidating into this one location, Irish says he’s been able to save 26 jobs.

This groomer still earns a paycheck.

“With everything going on I’m able to afford life still,” said the groomer.

And there’s hope for 20 laid-off employees.

While one location survives and thrives the other has been closed and advertised for lease.

“Either that or I might remodel it and turn it into executive offices. I may have some opportunities with a daycare, kids daycare looking at us, some retailers, national retailers have contacted me,” said Irish.

Irish says he won’t ask for a zoning change and any business that goes into the building will be compatible with the neighborhood.