Dispute over dangerous sinkhole in Dundee has been resolved

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- The fight over who’s responsible for a sinkhole in the Dundee area, that 6 On Your Side brought to you a few weeks ago, has since been resolved.

Early this month a sinkhole at 50th and Webster streets raised a disagreement over whether the city’s sewer line or a private sewer line was responsible for the hole, and therefore responsible for footing the bill.

Stephen Andersen with the City Sewer Maintenance Division tells 6 News, that they spoke with property owners and showed the cave-in was caused by a leak in a private line.

The property owner hired a plumber to make a repair to their line and then a private contractor came in to fill the hole, and repave the sidewalk.

Residents tell 6 News that they’re happy the safety hazard has been handled.