Dispute between contractors leaves a dozen homeowners with liens

Published: Mar. 9, 2020 at 9:01 PM CDT
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More than a dozen Nebraska homeowners are ready for spring weather with new roofs, but many of them are not prepared for a shocking notice in the mail.

After paying for a new roof last fall Todd Curran recently opened a letter that made him hit the ceiling.

Todd Curran said, “The last thing I expected was to get a lien.”

Across town, Steve Wittrock got the same notice.

Steve Wittrock said, “That’s when I’m kind of what the hell, I said what’s going on here, I’ve already paid this once.”

Both homeowners received insurance claim money and paid Midwest Restorations of Omaha for new roofs.

“And certainly they can’t expect me to pay for it again,” said Wittrock.

Subcontractor Miguel Cid of Cid roofing claims he wasn’t paid by Midwest Restorations of Omaha.

Miguel Cid said, “I’m very upset, I’m broke believe me.”

After installing roofs and more than just a few.

Liens have been slapped on 13 homes in Douglas, Dodge, Lancaster, and here in Sarpy County.

A lien raises concern for homeowners who might take advantage of lower interest rates.

“If I wanted to refinance or move for what have you then I obviously wouldn’t be able to do it because there would be that hold until we took care of that,” said Curran.

While claiming subcontractor Cid Roofing has been paid in full Midwest Restorations of Omaha states, “We are willing to bond up against the lien if any homeowner needs to refinance or sell and the lien will be removed.”

“I’m basically in the middle you know,” said Wittrock.

Homeowners who paid to have roofs put on, want the dispute between contractor and subcontractor resolved so liens are taken off.

Two Omaha lawyers tell us a property owner can insist a lien be dismissed or the contractor who filed it must take them to court within thirty days. If they don’t the lien expires. If nothing is done the lien goes away after two years.