Details of reported day care abuse released, advocates ease parents fears

Published: Jan. 17, 2019 at 9:38 PM CST
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An affidavit obtained by 6 News details what happened between sexual assault suspect Bill Harrison and the young boy he is accused of assaulting.

The sexual acts reportedly went on for four years and advocates are trying to calm the fears of parents who have left their children in Deb and Bill’s care.

"Since it was so long ago, something could have happened. I just don't remember. It just makes me sad and terrified,” said Taylor Troia, who went to Deb’s Day Care as a child.

The feeling many parents of former children left at the hands of Deb’s Day Care are feeling just a day after 62-year-old Harrison was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a young boy.

"So who do you trust? They're there to care for your children,” said Jenni Troia, Taylor Troia’s mother.

A report taken from the boy details multiple incidents in which, he says, Harrison began assaulting him at eight-years-old.

The affidavit says Harrison forced the boy to perform sexual acts and Harrison warned him, if he told anyone, the caregiver "could go to jail and could die."

"Offenders really work at building that relationship with a child and maybe playing silly games with them or things that will break down their defenses just a touch,” said Colleen Roth, Project Harmony Senior Director of Response Services.

Roth says this is a typical manipulative tactic predators use –demeanor that can be deceptive to outsiders.

“I mean that's one thing it sounds like a consistent that you hear. 'Everyone liked him. He was the greatest guy.' You can't tell by a person, how they look or how they act, whether they're an offender or not,” said Roth.

Scared parents are flooding the phone lines at Project Harmony, frightened their kids may be a victim of the alleged offender.

She urges every parent to have open dialogue with their kids.

"'How did your day go? What did you do? Tell me more about that.' And then what happened,” said Roth.

So preying can be put to a stop before it's too late.

"Listen to your gut, because if it feels wrong, there probably is something wrong,” said Roth.

If a child isn't vocal, Project Harmony says to look for changes in their usual behavior.

Roth says, if your child has been abused, the first step is letting them know nothing is their fault. It helps the child overcome emotional distress.

Project Harmony is hosting a sexual abuse training session at its location at 119th St. and Q St. On January 24. Register for the event on the