Des Moines man charged for weapon incident at Polk County Jail

 Wyatt Franklin charged with weapon incident at jail
Wyatt Franklin charged with weapon incident at jail (WOWT)
Published: Nov. 24, 2019 at 3:35 PM CST
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Authorities in Des Moines say a man is facing charges for allegedly bringing a gun and ammunition inside of a jail.

Wyatt Franklin, 27, was arrested for an OWI charge last Wednesday, violating his probation. Deputies took him to the Polk County Jail.

Lt. Heath Osberg said, “He came through our back door for the initial booking and process so he was not changed out of his street clothes yet. He was in a holding cell by himself."

Shortly afterward, Franklin had to leave.

Lt Osberg said, “At some point in time a medical issue arose where he needed to be transported to a hospital."

Nurses and a detention officer spotted something on him. “At the hospital, they found a piece of handgun strapped to his upper groin area."

Court documents indicate that the detention officer took the weapon he immediately notified the Polk County Jail. Then officers made another discovery. “It was in the drain pipe of the toilet that was in the holding cell," Osberg said.

Authorities said they found six rounds of ammunition in the toilet.

Lt. Osberg could not confirm if Franklin put pieces of the handgun and bullets inside the plumbing of the toilet but it is where he had been processed and court documents indicate that there is surveillance video from the jail that shows Franklin putting the gun parts inside the toilet.

“Fortunately we learn from this,” Osberg said. “As criminals evolve their tactics we also evolve with the way we do when we check things to ensure that everyone is safe."

On top of Franklin's OWI charge, he is now charged for the weapon incident.

When he was arrested last week Franklin was already on probation in connection with the drug overdose death of a Newton, Iowa woman in 2011.

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