Denison native joins pleas for help in Puerto Rico

A western Iowa native now living in Puerto Rico is making a heartfelt plea for help.

Roofs ripped off houses in San Juan, Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria slammed into the city on September 20, 2017.

Much of the territory is still without power and there are widespread communications outages.

Our media partners 96.1 KISS FM spoke with Sadie Linn. The Denison, Iowa native worked in Nebraska radio for years before moving to Puerto Rico in 2015.

While she is safe, many others are in desperate need of help and Linn is calling on lawmakers to lift a little-known law, called The Jones Act. It prevents foreign-flagged ships from transporting goods between U.S. ports.

Linn said, “We can't take foreign aid right now. So, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama and several South American countries are ready to send boats here full of supplies but we can't take them because this law blocks them from doing that."

President Trump is in fact taking action on that. There was word from press secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday morning that the president is waiving the Jones Act to get aid flowing.