Deer smashes its way through area strip mall

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A deer smashed a few windows at a northwest Omaha strip mall and left shoppers a little startled.

The deer ran into the window of Beauty First and then ran down the mall to Tuesday Morning. The animal repeatedly jumped into the glass.

The Humane Society said the small buck wasn't trying to get into the stores, but was attacking his own reflection.

"This is the time of year we have what is called a rut, and that's when a lot of the males are seeking mates and that's when they become very competitive with each other. They will see that reflection and just go to town on it," Kelli Brown with the Humane Society said.

The deer was so intent on fighting his own reflection that he got an antler stuck in between the double doors.

"And he kept banging the door and we thought he'd come in and finally got his horn unhooked and turned around and ran back down there," a witness said.

The deer left his mark on the glass, and even left behind some blood and hair.

"We were in one of the aisles and unnerved by the bang. It was huge, really loud. I've never seen anything like that before," one customer said.

Animal Control officers couldn't locate the deer after he ran toward a nearby neighborhood.

"Deer are very resilient animals. As long as they don't have anything major, like a broken jaw, we're usually just able to let them go," Brown said.

Humane Society experts believe the young buck will survive to find a mate, though his next battle may be with real antlers and not just a reflection.