Debit card skimmer targets woman through gas pump

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 8:07 PM CDT
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Fraud suspects skimming debit card numbers left an Omaha woman with an unusual bill. But that wasn’t enough to convince a bank that she’s a victim of fraud.

Her car burns unleaded.

Josie Keffeler, the fraud victim said, “No diesel goes in there.”

But Josie found irregular charges on her debit card.

“I don’t know how these people skimmed my car, where they did it how they did it but never the less it wasn’t me who bought 120 gallons of diesel in nine minutes,” said Josie.

Security photos show suspects in two trucks one with a tank pumping 150 dollars each in diesel.

Using a skimmed stolen debit card to buy a large quantity of diesel fuel is a crime that’s hit the metro before. Back in 2013 Six On Your Side exposed a similar scheme.

An out of state skimming ring filled tanks with diesel and the case investigator says that fraud is primed for a comeback.

Det. Matt Barrall, with the Sarpy Co. Sheriff’s Dept. said, “People who are hard hit are looking to save money for their business. These suspects have gone to job sites, farms and even people on the street to see if they wanted to buy gas at a reduced rate.”

Though proving she didn’t buy 120 gallons of diesel Josie was initially denied reimbursement by Chase Bank.

A Chase Bank email to Six On Your Side says, “thanks for bringing this to our attention. We reached out to the customer and her account has been credited the full amount.

“It’s over and I got the $300 back now I’d just like to see whoever is doing this to people get caught,” said Josie.

A skimmer diesel scam that may be fueled by the economic crisis.

The investigator says the COVID-19 fear has made it easier for skimmers to go undetected. People are more reluctant to touch card readers on gas pumps to see if they’ve been alerted.

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