Dead tree puts Omaha daycare in danger

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Dead and dying trees next door have long worried a family that runs an Omaha daycare. Today's wind gusts were up to 56 mph, not helping their fears.

A huge limb fell from the neighbors dead tree taking out panels of Susan Benak and Jennifer Harrington's daycare fence. Luckily, no kids were hurt.

"Even the smallest branch like this to hit a child, even this could cause irreparable damage and this I think would just plain kill them," said Benak.

Benak co-owns a licensed daycare with Jennifer Harrington for eight kids but they're not allowed to play outside on windy days.

"And it's gorgeous outside they don't want to be inside and winter is coming so we'll be trapped inside, it's just not safe," said Harrington.

A warning has been sent to the neighbor from the city three times in the last 18 months.

"The city was supposed to dit," says the neighbor.

The city has a work order to cut the trees but it will cost the homeowner a hefty sum.

After Six On Your Side left, the neighbor said several tree services had been contacted.

The daycare owners hope the hazard is gone by Halloween.