Dangerous tree gets removed after investigation

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 9:28 PM CDT
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Long before the coronavirus crisis-homeowners in an Omaha neighborhood faced another kind of danger every day. But they’ll sleep easier.

For ten years serious injury or worse hung over Anthony Cato and neighbor Daryl Johnson.

Daryl Johnson said,” Most definitely if it came down on my kitchen and I’m back there, I’m sure I would get crushed.”

In the yard of a rental house, next door stood a dead tree. Falling branches have damaged both neighbors’ garages.

Anthony Cato said, “60 miles an hour wind the next time all three houses might get taken out.”

A legitimate fear if you look at Daryl’s garage and his partially damaged porch.

A dangerous tree has caused damage to the neighbor’s property for years but look after a call from Six on Your Side that tree came down.

The brother’s tree service crew said oh brother and spent two days cutting down the dead ash.

Forman said, “45 inches wide and 75-foot height.”

As huge trunks from the neighboring tree are removed Daryl is thankful.

Daryl Johnson the homeowner said, “It was what I needed these last few years to make something happen.”

Over the year’s lawyer’s letters and a city violation notice didn’t succeed. But locating someone responsible for the rental property and cutting to the chase.

And within a week it’s been cut down and Daryl will no longer have to fear the wind.

Daryl Johnson said, “I’m sure I will sleep better now that this tree is down.”

We sent a text to the person in charge of the rental property that hired the tree crew. He hasn’t responded to our question about paying for several thousand dollars in damage the neighbors suffered from falling branches.