Dangerous temperatures pose serious threat to children locked in cars

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Temperatures can easily reach triple digits inside a car during this time of year, this is especially dangerous for children.

According to Greg London, with the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office, police responded to two emergencies involving kids locked in hot cars on Wednesday.

“It’s 94 degrees and we have a heat index of 107 right now, that is an emergency call, and we are going to drop everything else to go get the kid out of the car,” said London.

London’s police cruiser had been sitting in the sun since 9 a.m., after a thermal read of his dash, his car was recorded at 166 degrees. A reading that high could mean life or death for a child locked inside.

According to London, in some cases, the parents realize what they have done right away and call the authorities to help get the child out. If it is a simple mistake investigators aren’t looking to charge the parent but if there is neglect the parent could face charges.

“There is no reason to leave a child inside a car when you go inside of a grocery store or anything else, take the child with you,” said London.