Dangerous road drop-off has business owners worried about their customers

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Hazardous road conditions have business owners at Morman Bridge Plaza worried about their customers.

The closure will begin, pending weather, on Monday, August 12, and continue to Wednesday, August 14. The street will be closed immediately north and south of Grant Street (US Highway 67) for the installation. (MGN)

A dip at one of the Plaza entrances is not a city street but the sewer underneath makes it a taxpayer’s responsibility. Construction tape and cones surround the damaged area, but it isn’t always enough.

“These barriers get knocked down at night and people can’t see and one of them is going to drive on here and sink down and get stuck,” said Delone Wilson, Cubby’s President.

According to Wilson, the new concrete collapsed after a manhole replacement.

“We call the city every week and the answer we get from the street division the people there are really nice but they say we’re aware of it, it’s on the schedule it’s going to get fixed we just can’t tell you when.”

Customers often have to park on the street, and create twists and turns to avoid the area. The current barricades also make it difficult for delivery trucks to get through safely.

Mark Tussey, owner of the restaurant closest to the street said, “I’ll come out in the morning and two sometimes three are knocked over. People come in too close and nip them and if you don’t drive it every day you don’t know it’s a danger there.”

Omaha’s Street Maintenance Engineer, Austin Rowser said other groups had been working on the project and this issue had only recently come to his attention. They will be out tomorrow to start repairs, and customers will soon not have to worry about any more close encounters.