Dad Bods and Rescue Dogs 2020 calendar raises money for Iowa dog rescue

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 4:50 PM CST
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Dad bods and Rescue Dogs are sweeping the nation. A new Iowa dog rescue is trying to spread the word about its effort to help pups and it's working.

"I just cannot stop looking at it because it's so funny," said Jennifer Rabe with Lucky Dog Rescue.

From January to December, dads fill the pages of a calendar posing with strangers.

"They just went with it and had fun, 10 degrees in rain boots, did you guys see the raincoat, ahh I just couldn't get over it," added Rabe.

Rainy days never looked better, even picnics in July. If that's too hot for you, there's always Santa snuggles in the snow. Mr. December lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"The dogs wouldn't sit still here because they were too cold they didn't want to sit by themselves," said Chris Andries.

Chris Andries says Lucky Bulldogs Rescue in Council Bluffs reached out to him, they had the rescue dogs but were looking for ways to help pay for their care. So they asked for calendar volunteers.

"We had just gotten fresh snow and it was like the perfect day besides it being 10 degrees outside," added Andries.

The 2020 Dad Bods and Rescue Dogs calendar has only been out for a month and organizers say they've already raised over 16 thousand dollars.

"It has made a world of difference not only the rescue but 20, 40, 50 dogs how many dogs that can go to help, it's completely changed their lives, " said Rabe.

As for Andries, he's proud to be a part of the dad bod team, hanging out in kitchens across the country.

"It's just the perfect gift for the holidays, who doesn't like some hairy guys and dogs on their calendar hanging on the wall in the office or something like that," said Andries.

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