Crews to monitor gravel trench used to keep water away in Fremont

FREMONT, Neb. (WOWT) -- On County Road 19 gravel was used to build up the road and a trench was built to relieve pressure and keep water away from the highway. Crews will be out here monitoring conditions.

Scott Huppert, Dodge County Highway Superintendent says, "We just build this to try to hold it. I don't want to build this one up because this is -- last year the water broke through. And then broke through all the levees and broke through so we're holding it here."

County road 19 started seeing water come across it Sunday. The road is now being used to keep the Platte River back. This was the same spot a year ago where the river tore through and flooded several lakes and eventually parts of Fremont

Over at Big Island River. It's a more populated area. Water quickly moved in earlier in the day. Many residents evacuating.

“Be careful. I know there's a lot of people who want to come out and look and see but you just have to watch because the river can run really fast and move a lot of stuff,” said Huppert.

Crews are going to be out here monitoring conditions all throughout the night.

There is a voluntary evacuation for people, there will not be a mandatory evacuation just because of the liabilities.

At this point, flooding on the Platte River is not expected to be anything like it was last year. Mainly because we don't have the amount of snow behind the ice jams waiting to melt like we did last year.