Creighton student killed in I-80 crash remembered

Published: Aug. 21, 2017 at 9:45 PM CDT
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Creighton University mourned the loss of one of their own Monday following a deadly crash near 84th and I-80.

A prayer service for 19-year-old Joan R. Ocampo-Yambing held on campus was packed with friends and fellow students. What should have been a day of fun with friends came to end when investigators say a semi-truck driver failed to notice traffic had slowed and slammed in to the car Joan was riding in.

Sol Kim, a good friend of Joan's, said the Creighton student was on her way to Lincoln Monday to take in the solar eclipse.

"It's just so sad to see her gone and we'll be missing her a lot," said Kim. "She just always knew how to make people smile.”

Whether she was in their class, a friend of a friend or just a smiling familiar face, Creighton students are missing sophomore Joan Ocampo-Yambing.

"A mix of shock and as you see we all came together and just sadness I would say,” said student Adam Johnson.

Sadness and healing as hearts and hands came together in prayer. Prayer for those who are still physically healing in the hospital and for the family that now mourns a young woman. Joan is from Rosemount Minnesota. Friends said that Joan's parents are in town because of move-in at Creighton.

Some students said what is normally a time for campus to come alive again at the end of summer is now a time of reflection.

"The optimism that she brought, it was just such a bright light and it just…I guess Creighton will get a little bit dimmer."