Couple on the hunt for reckless driver

Omaha Ignacio Herrera was driving southbound on Dahlman Ave. near L St. when someone in a blue car sideswiped him and continued to drive into oncoming traffic. What the reckless driver didn't know, was his crime was caught on camera.

"Just don't drive crazy," Sharon Herrera said as she translated for her husband Ignacio.

By chance, the Herrera's had installed a dashcam in their car about a year ago.

"We didn't think we would ever need it but we are thankful we have it," Sharon said.

The car never paused and sped away heading east on L St.

"That person should have stood up and admitted what they did," Sharon said.

They filed a police report and shared the video with authorities.

As more surveillance cameras find their way into our homes and car, Omaha police said it has made a difference in their work.

"I think the officer was very happy we had that piece of information for them," Sharon said.

The Herreras hope their video will help bring this person to justice and get a dangerous driver off the streets.

"Everyone has friends and families and co-workers that use that road. That was a horrible should turn yourself in and man up and pay for your damages," Sharon said.