County Corrections to fix problem with rowdy-neighbor inmates

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Douglas County Corrections officials are already taking action in response to a 6 on Your Side report regarding neighbors who have complained about inmates on a rooftop yard.

The neighbors say the inmates have been shouting and peering at them whenever they're outside.

One neighbor said, "I felt very watched and uncomfortable," so she shared her concern.

She moved into the area nearly two years ago. “We asked about it and were told they don't allow inmates to use the property up there."

Corrections Director Mike Myers said that's normally true. “We'd prefer not to use the rec yard we're currently using."

But since different recreation areas tucked inside the jail and out of the view of the public are getting new windows and are closed for now there was no other option than to let inmates exercise on the roof for the last week-and-a-half.

Myers said, “We have taken steps immediately in terms of how we are monitoring the inmates up there. We're repositioning the officers to make sure inmates are staying back away from the edge and minimize their ability to try to communicate with the public."

The director reached out to two neighbors Wednesday. One of them tells 6 News she's hopeful the department can solve the problems.

The jail is also exploring putting up some sort of solid barrier on the west side of the rooftop rec area so that we wouldn't see them and they wouldn't see us.

The bottom line is that the director wants the jail to be a good neighbor.

He said, “We're going to work with the neighbors to mitigate the impact and get back to normal operations as soon as we can."

Myers has invited a couple of the neighbors over for a visit on Friday to iron out any remaining issues.