Councilman warns: 'We're watching you' in push to stop illegal dumping

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Neighbors of Mandan Park near 13th and Y are trying to plug-up the pipeline of illegally dumped junk that keeps finding its way into their green space.

The local crusaders in the junk war are working with Keep Omaha Beautiful, meeting once a month to scrape away the glass, metal and petroleum-based garbage that continues to land there when no one is watching.

They say they’ve pulled hundreds of tires out of the wooded area, not to mention scooping up countless bags of trash they've regularly collected.

In something of an anti-junk summit, the group met Saturday to talk about the problems.

District 4 City Councilman Vinny Palermo stopped by to hear their concerns and give notice to the people committing these crimes.

“Let the warning go out, that if you’re engaged in illegal activity in this park, whatsoever, any time of the day - you’ve been warned.”

Palermo said the warning precedes the action that comes in the form of a plan to put a stop to the problem. “Without going into too much detail of the plans that are ongoing now, we’ve put some safeguards in place to help alleviate the problem that we have,” Palermo said.

With the warning on the table, he said, "We're watching you"

The group is always looking for volunteers to support their cleanup efforts. You can get involved by contacting Keep Omaha Beautiful.