Council Bluffs works to shed past reputation

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (WOWT)-- It's really no way to treat our friends to the east — laughing at, or making jokes about the city of Council Bluffs.

Council Bluff's mayor Matt Walsh told his audience at his address that pride should be taken in the city, and the jokes should be ignored. He hopes to move ahead with an eye on the future.

Making jokes about Council Bluffs seems to be common among those living in Omaha.

"Counciltucky... What do you think when you hear that? Well, you know, again — and I heard that for the first time years ago, and I was so irritated. I was ready. You know what kind of statement is that, No. 1, is why would somebody say that not only about Council Bluffs but also Kentucky," Tom Hanafan said.

Tom Hanafan is the interim president of the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce, he was mayor of the city for 25 years.

"I don't think it's fair to Kentucky and I don't think it's fair to Council Bluffs," said Hanafan.

Like every city the Bluffs has some neighborhoods that need some help, they also have many other neighborhoods that are just like suburban areas across the county.

Downtown Council Bluffs is welcoming new businesses and holding on to the businesses that invested in the community years ago. Alisa Roth has been downtown with Bloom Works Floral for 15 years. She's heard all the jokes before.

"It's certainly judgemental absolutely but you know what, we've got thick skin over here, we know who we are we are a tight community we do what we do, and we do it very well over here. So, we have nothing to be ashamed of," said Roth.

The mayor's state of the city address was hosted by the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerve at the Ameristar Holiday Inn.